Siemens to supply Avenio trams to Germany’s MVG

Avenio trams

Siemens has won a €29m contract from Munich City Utilities (SWM) to supply eight Avenio trams to its subsidiary, the Munich Public Transportation Company (MVG).

New Avenio trams will be built at the Siemens facility in Vienna, with the first six scheduled to enter service in Munich by the end of 2013.

The remaining two trams are expected to be delivered by 2015, when an extension to Berg am Laim is scheduled to open.

The low-floor, four-section trams will have a length of 36.85m, width of 2300mm and the capacity to carry 220 passengers.

Avenio trams will join the network's existing trams to form one common vehicle pool and will be deployed wherever there is a need for high capacity.

CEO of Siemens' Metro, Coaches and Light Rail Business Unit Sandra Gott-Karlbauer said that the company's modular concept ensures that Avenio fits the bill in any city and can be deployed even where the infrastructure may not be perfect.

"Avenio trams will join the network's existing trams to form one common vehicle pool."

"For example, existing lines can be used without the need to renew tracks, reinforce structures or reroute around tunnels. This is all due to the synthesis of a single and multi-articulated tram," Gott-Karlbauer said.

The Siemens trams will be called Type T1 by city transport operator MVG and will operate in a common pool with the Bombardier/Siemens Type R3.3 and Stadler Variobahn Type S fleets.

Low axle loads will enable the trams to travel quietly on old lines to reduce wear on vehicle and track and cut energy consumption.

The company said that around 90% of Avenio trams are recyclable and designed to reduce driving and braking noise.

Image: Siemens' Avenio trams will have a length of 36.85m and the capacity of to seat 220 passengers. Copyright: Stadtwerke München / ergon3.