Bombardier starts construction of new bogie centre in Germany

Canadian rail car manufacturer Bombardier has started construction of its new Bogie Technical Centre in Siegen, Germany.

Bombardier's new Siegen bogie production plant is scheduled to commence operations by mid-2014.

The new site will house the company's new bogie headquarters, the Bogie Technical Centre, a final assembly area, wheelset and crash repair and overhaul centres.

The facility will bring together Bombardier's engineering experts to develop and test the FLEXX bogie portfolio to meet customer demand, while complying with strict certification and homologation processes.

The centre will host bogie engineering specialists and associated functions to work in cooperation with academics, other manufacturing facilities, customers, suppliers and certification institutes.

"Bombardier's new Siegen bogie production plant is scheduled to commence operations by mid-2014."

Bombardier president and chief executive officer Pierre Beaudoin said: "We are dedicated to our customers and the new centre will give us the means to meet our customers' needs now and in the future by expanding and further improving our FLEXX bogies portfolio."

Bombardier Transportation president and chief operating officer André Navarri said that bogies are a core competence of the company and play an important role in the production of rail vehicles, from trams to very high-speed trains.

"The Bogie Technical Centre will create the perfect environment for innovation, allowing Bombardier to test innovative ideas and strengthen its future competitiveness," Navarri said.

The company said it has delivered more than 200,000 Flexx bogies to date.