Phooltas Transrail

Track and Permanent Way Machines

Track and permanent way machines

Phooltas Transrail, established in 1987, is an ISO 9001 company specialised in supplying track and permanent way machines. Its commitment to quality and excellence has put it firmly on the Indian industrial map. Phooltas Transrail products have been used and tested in extreme conditions and passed each assignment with flying colours.

Our product range includes:

  • Track relaying and new track construction trains
  • Track surfacing equipment such as tamping machines and stone blowers
  • Dynamic stabilisers
  • Rail grinders
  • Utility track vehicles with various mounted equipment, e.g. cranes, OHE erection, maintenance and measurement, etc.
  • Hy-rail (Rail-cum-road) vehicles
  • Ballast hopper cars and regulators
  • Track undercutters
  • Pandrol clip applicators
  • Mobile flash butt welding machines
  • Rail threading machines
  • Bridge inspection machines
  • Track geometry measurement equipment
  • In-motion wheel profile measuring systems
  • Rubber crossings
  • Fencing systems
  • Special-purpose track equipment

Contracting services are offered for:

  • Flash butt welding of rails
  • Track geometry and rail profile measurement
  • Ultrasonic rail flaw detection

Flashbutt welding machines

These mobile machines are used for flash butt welding of rails. Phooltas Transrail accepts contracts for both welding and supply of machines.

Rail buses

These are self-propelled coaches with their own captive automotive power. Rail buses are manufactured for all track gauges.

Permanent way material and equipment handling vehicle

Phooltas Transrail Utility Vehicles (UTV) are bi-directional vehicles with rapid acceleration to a speed of 80km/h or more. They are capable of towing a trailing load of 250t. A mobile crane can be mounted and can move from the UTV to the wagons for loading / unloading of goods and material.

Other equipment like a fixed crane, jib and cradle, lifting platform, powered drum stands, lifting mast, etc. can also be provided as per customers' requirements.

Ballast hopper car

Ballast hopper cars of up to 20m³ and 80km/h travelling speed are used to carry ballast to the site and for controlled distribution of ballast on the track.

Hy-rail (rail-cum-road) vehicles

A Hy-rail attachment can be mounted on any road vehicle making it capable of running on track as well as on road. Models are available from 2mt to 30mt gross vehicle weights with friction drive through road tyres or hydrostatically driven rail wheels. Phooltas Transrail has manufactured and supplied nearly 100 of these vehicles to the Indian Railways, IRCON and other organisations.

Rail threaders

Phooltas Transrail rail treaders continuously place rails from 1,000mm to 4,200mm gauge at speeds up to 500m/h. Useful for rail renewal and track lifting and slewing work, they can be off-tracked at level crossings.

Motorised track-inspection trolleys

Motorised track-inspection trolleys are excellent vehicles for track inspection. Fitted with a captive petrol engine, the trolleys are available for all track gauges. Various body options, such as canopy, steel coach, steel cabin with loading area, etc. are available..

Phooltas Transrail is an Indo-US joint venture company. Our partner, M/s Harsco Track Technologies, is North America's largest permanent way equipment company.

Manufacturing and selling track machines for the last decade, Phooltas Transrail has become a well-known and trusted name in this field.

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