Goldschmidt Thermit Group

Rail Joining, Rail Services, Measurement, Tools and Machines, and Equipment

Rail Joining, Rail Services, Measurement, Tools and Machines, and Equipment

Goldschmidt Thermit Group is an international, family-run group, comprising 23 medium-sized companies. With expertise spanning 120 years, we are a world-renowned supplier of products and services for the construction, renovation, maintenance and modernization of railway tracks.

Whether high-speed, heavy haul, cargo, trams or subways, with our unique range of products and services, continuous research and development, we guarantee our customers that we will understand and fulfill their needs and expectations.

Rail joining:

  • Thermit welding
  • Thermit portions and consumables for Thermit welding
  • Arc welding
  • Fishplates and insulated rail joints (steel, polymer composite)

Rail services:

  • Joint welding of rails and switches
  • Grinding work
  • Intelligent predictive maintenance for rails and switches
  • Weld-tempering of new rails
  • Ballast stabilization


  • Long / short-time stress measurements and stress-free temperature
  • Longitudinal and cross-section as well as rail surface roughness measurements
  • Track position and stability measurements
  • Track geometry testing and switch inspections
  • Measurement of turnout systems
  • Ultrasonic testing and inspections
  • Bridge and component testing
  • Calibration and maintenance service

Tools and machines:

  • Tools and machines for track constructions and track maintenance
  • Special equipment for the Thermit welding process
  • Hydraulic power units for various industries
  • Road-rail vehicles


  • Switch heating
  • Rail lubrication systems
  • Magnetic barriers

Welding processes for railways

Thermit safely and quickly connects rails of all profiles with various Thermit welding processes, which are suitable to specific customers. Implementation is characterized by very low demands in time, material and manpower, and offers the highest standards of quality and reliability. The significant applicability and mobility of this method means that welding can proceed under traffic.

Insulated rail joints

We provide insulated rail joints (steel and polymer composite) that are either assembled in workshops or installed in position on the track. Today's signaling and security technology at railways predominantly works with track electric circuits, where the rail assists as electrical conductor. At the demarcation point (block section) of the track circuits, the rail is interrupted by insulated fishplate joints, which is why the signal block sections of the track are marked off to each other.


We offer products and services for measuring stress-free temperature, track geometry parameters, straightness, surface conditions, position and stability. A constant and cost-effective maintenance management enables the highest driving comfort, as well as maximum track safety and availability to railway companies.

Using the most advanced devices and latest technologies, we carry out most various measuring tasks and special work assignments, complemented by a broad and application-specific range of measuring devices.

Weld-tempered rails

We can offer hardening and tempering of new rails according to customer specific requirements. The gauge corner, gauge face and running surface of rails are weld-tempered by milling the rail and applying new wear-resistant weld material to rebuild the section.

This method secures a significant reduction in lateral and vertical rail wear and ensures safety of traction operations in the long term. Additionally, noise emissions are minimized, while maintenance costs are reduced thanks to the extended lifespan of both the rail and the entire superstructure.

Intelligent predictive maintenance for rails and switches

Professional maintenance is an important preventive measure against wear due to heavy rail traffic and serves to sustainably lengthen the service life of rails and switches in subway systems, tramways, light rail and mainline networks.

This means you work more efficiently and your network runs safely, reliably and according to schedule. Thanks to our highly mobile equipment, our teams are particularly flexible; they are able to manage welding and grinding work on existing rails, where access can be difficult - quickly and efficiently.

Hydraulic power units

Goldschmidt Thermit Group is with its group company PortaCo, Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of portable hydraulic power units. We build quality and safe standard hydraulic power units and custom designs in many styles and sizes. We manufacture for Original Equipment Manufacturers and distributors internationally.

About Goldschmidt Thermit

The history of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group dates back to 1847 when the company Theodor Goldschmidt AG was founded. In 1895, Prof. Hans Goldschmidt invented the Thermit welding method, an aluminothermic process that enables sections of rail track to be welded together continuously. This marked the beginning of modern rail transport.

In the following years, various partner companies were founded around the world, giving rise to a group that today boasts almost 1,000 employees in 20 countries.

Certificates and approvals of our companies include quality management certification according to ISO 9001:2008 and AAR M-1003, approval by all major railway companies in more than 80 countries and approval as a Q1 supplier for Deutsche Bahn AG.

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