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DAMM is a world leading provider of rugged, reliable and easy scalable TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) voice and data communications. As a key player for more than 30 years within professional radio communication, DAMM is taking the lead in TETRA technology through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity.

Sector specialists

Through the cooperation with leading rail and metro providers worldwide, DAMM understands the critical importance of communications within transport infrastructures. DAMM's TetraFlex solution delivers high-performance and feature-rich digital TETRA voice and data communications, providing crucial communications integration between operations, staff, passengers and emergency units, enhancing efficiency and safety, as well as the satisfaction of personnel and passengers.

Optimised installation for rail and metro requirements

The compact TetraFlex IP65 encapsulated and ruggedized outdoor base station has been optimised for use within rail and metro operations. It is ideally suited for use in the harsh environments of metro tunnels and can also be mounted outdoors directly on buildings or masts, alongside the railway or in stations, all together saving significant on installation costs.

100% availability guaranteed

100% uptime is guaranteed through full redundancy of components and critical system information, as well as by the system's intelligent distributed network architecture. All information is constantly replicated to all sites in the network, allowing call and data traffic to continue uninterrupted if one or more sites lose connection with the rest of the network.

Complete coverage and scalability

The fully IP-based technology used by TetraFlex digital voice and data communications solutions makes it possible to create integrated communications across multiple stations, logistics facilities, depots, maintenance facilities and centralised operational control centres. It also gives full flexibility in site and capacity expansions, even during operation.

Intuitive user coordination

User-defined groups and staff teams can easily be defined and coordinated. The highly flexible voice communication services support individual private calls, group calls, telephony communications (PSTN) and more, always with crystal-clear voice quality, even in the noisiest areas. For emergency incidents, the system provides emergency calls, man-down facilities and override functions.

Efficient data communications

TetraFlex data services provide data used for instance for vehicle-tracking systems, offering real-time timetable and journey information to customers, as well as for signalling control and status. It also enables SCADA and telemetry data to be used for reporting of alarms and failures or collecting data for improving operational performances.

Embedded software applications for increased operational performance

With the intuitive TetraFlex dispatcher solution all users can easily be dispatched by the operational centres.
TetraFlex also provides a complete voice and data recording and replay facility, enabling effortless incident reconstructions and gathering valuable statistics on operational performance.

Unlimited third-party application integration

TetraFlex is supplied with an easily accessible application programming interface (API) that allows straightforward development and integration of customer-designed applications.

Key TetraFlex features for rail and metro communications include:

  • Reliability: redundancy, back-ups and no single point of failure
  • Compact and IP65 protected housing for direct installation in harsh environments
  • Easy and quick scalability without interruption of operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Full redundancy for 100% channel availability and accessibility at all times
  • Easily accessible API for easy integration into third party systems
  • High cost effectiveness

DAMM solutions and support are available worldwide through an exclusive network of partners.

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