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HUBER+SUHNER products are developed for the specific requirements of the railway market. They improve safety and comfort for passengers and contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of public transport. To meet these demands, HUBER+SUHNER offers solutions based on the three technologies of radio frequency, low frequency and fibre-optics. This enables it to create complete solutions tailored to the needs of customer-specific applications.

As one of Europe's leading suppliers, HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of products which provide the platform to build modern rail vehicles. New and innovative products based on proven technologies helps you to fulfill the demanding requirements of the railway industry.

Antennas and cable systems

The rail industry has to deliver increasing safety, reliability, energy efficiency and comfort. In addition, more on-board services are being installed for the traveller such as information and internet access services. As a result of more installed electronics, space and weight constraints are becoming greater.

HUBER+SUHNER's broad range of products are used in:

  • Traction motors
  • Control panels
  • Brake systems
  • Train safety systems
  • Inter-vehicle cable systems
  • In-carriage subsystems such as air conditioning, monitoring and instrumentation
  • Wireless access, GSM-R, Wireless LAN systems
  • Trackside infrastructure

Low-frequency product portfolio

HUBER+SUHNER's high-performance cables are designed to be smaller and lighter than conventional cables coupled with safety features to protect the passenger.

The low frequency product portfolio includes:

  • RADOX® thin wall, low-voltage control cables
  • RADOX reduced wall power cables
  • RADOX JUMPER cables
  • RADOX DATABUS cables
  • RADOX FR cables (circuit integrity)
  • RADOX JUMPER cabling solutions

Radio frequency product portfolio

HUBER+SUHNER supplies antennas which cover all communication standards between 380MHz and 6GHz. As a solution provider, the company supplies all the necessary radio frequency components. These are extremely rugged products, especially designed for rail applications.

The radio frequency product portfolio includes:

  • RF cables and connectors
  • Customised cable assemblies
  • Antenna products, on board and trackside
  • Lightning protection components and surge protection elements, high-voltage DC blocks up to 15kV

Fibre-optic product portfolio

Optical fibers feature intrinsic immunity against electromagnetic interference and voltage peaks. This is a significant advantage for reliable data transmission on railway vehicles. Compared to conventional copper connections and other available solutions the low weight, compact size and ultra-high bandwidth capabilities are further advantages of HUBER+SUHNER fiber optic products.

The fiber optic product portfolio includes:

  • RADOX fibre-optic cables with enhanced fire and smoke behaviour
  • Connector solutions for harsh environment
  • Coach harnesses and assemblies
  • Inter-vehicle jumper systems
  • Fiber management systems

Railway cable systems engineering

HUBER+SUHNER offers customised cable system solutions. The engineering teams of HUBER+SUHNER are made up of highly experienced specialists who have direct access to the comprehensive know-how of the group.

The railway cable systems unit develops solutions focused on specific customer needs which ensure a high level of safety and functionality. The unit's competence in project management, system engineering, prototyping and volume production ensures that it delivers integral solutions in time. This holds true for national and international projects alike.

Customer benefits

Working together with HUBER+SUHNER means benefitting from different advantages:

  • Collaborating with one reliable partner for three different technologies: radio frequency, low frequency and fiber optics
  • Working with one supplier for data, signal and energy transmission
  • Achieving the growing demand for less weight of material while meeting increasing safety requirements
  • Getting standard as well as customised products
  • Benefit from comprehensive engineering know-how and experience in excellent connectivity solutions

HUBER+SUHNER is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and IRIS.


The HUBER+SUHNER Group, based in Switzerland, is a leading international manufacturer of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity for the main markets communication, transportation and industrial.

The company can draw on core competencies in the areas of radio frequency, fibre-optics and low-frequency. In close collaboration with its customers, HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures first class products of the highest quality.

The product range includes coaxial, fibre-optic and copper cables, cable systems, connectors, antennas and lightning protection components. The company is represented by 24 group companies and numerous agencies in over 60 countries.

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